One of the most important determinants of future business and/or economic stability and/or growth is Editorial by Ed Cayer

The labour pool in a particular business and/or economy, as well labour availability in the numbers required, when required can promote or hinder business/economic ...

SPORTS TALK - FROM THE CHEAP SEATS Each Sunday morning at 8:30am

Join Leduc County business guys Jim D. and Andy D. Sunday mornings at 8:30. Each week you will hear the latest in NHL, NFL, MLB, and sometimes NBA combined ...

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Listenership Numbers Grow Unique Information Builds Interest

First time visitors keep adding up � Day Date First Time Visitors Monday 13th June 2011 115 Sunday 12th June 2011 68 Saturday 11th June 2011 28 Friday ...

Provincial Department Calls Leduc Radio To Task And they are right.

This past Monday at about 4:30pm I took a call from one of the Media Departments from the Province of Alberta who questioned my motives, regarding the ...


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