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Sports Broadcasts - Perhaps you are looking to increase awareness and promote your sport? Maybe Grandma and Grandpa in Ontario watching their grand kids is the reason? Perhaps you are at a tournament and you want the folks back home who couldn’t make the trip to be able to watch the event? Or just maybe you are a sport looking to increase your revenues or provide value added to your sponsors? Whatever your reason - Broadcast It.

With our growing Sports broadcast experience including :

- 2 seasons of broadcasting our local Junior B Hockey team home games, including play by play and color.

- the 2011 Provincial Jr. B Hockey Championships, including play by play & color.

- 2012 Provincial Scotties curling at the Leduc Recreation Center

We are well suited to be able to deliver your sport to the viewing audience of your choosing.

And with a new direction being added to our service to include Livestock Auctions. Aside from delivering a high quality video feed live or via pod cast, we can assist with creating additional participants, develop more interactive and involved “as it happens” viewers, and ultimately increase revenues.

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