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In a one hour broadcast of most events, there are typically several minutes before, during, and after, in which to run 30 second commercials, 15 second announcements and acknowledgements of future events, current events sponsors, teams - their sponsors, and so much more. And that is just for starters. The live broadcast is just one thing, additionally there is the added value of continuing the availability of the broadcast after the event by posting your event as a vod/podcast.

16 - 30 second commercials during a one hour broadcast is reasonable for a one hour sporting event. Naming rights of the scoreboard flashes, branding of the event broadcast itself - each of which has a financial value…. The logo attachments to the bulk emails going out to promote the event and the possible attendance or viewership, is more value for a sponsor or advertiser. The value added list goes on and on. At a recent event we found that the video broadcast assisted dramatically in attendance towards the end of the tournament. It assisted in generating tickets sales, pumping up 50-50 sales, increased concession sales, increased hotel and local restaurant sales…

But most important for you to know, is all you have to do is focus on the event the way you have always done it. We offer turn key packages, that will assist you in developing the many advertising opportunities, while you keep your focus on your event.

For live stock sales for example, adding our broadcast to your next sale gives the opportunity for interested attendees who are unable to be at your location, to watch where it is more convenient and participate from a distance. Even 10 more viewers, able to call in and bid, purchase, or participate in a live auction may have a significant impact on driving the bid up or final purchase price up on a particular lot number. The promotion of the breed, the breeder, the annual sale, the auction house, the list goes on and on… Facebook, Twitter working for you behind the scenes as your auction unfolds - Live and uninterrupted.

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