Crews begin snow removal efforts in Leduc neighbourhoods

Signage posted 24 hours in advance of equipment entering these areas

Snow Removal in Leduc neighbourhoods

(December 9, 2014)

Public Services have placed signage in areas scheduled for snow removal on residential locals to provide a 24-hour notice before crews enter neighbourhoods.

Please remember to move your vehicle from these areas as crews are able to work much faster when there are less vehicles obstructing the roadway.

"Snow removal standards in the City of Leduc are one of the highest in Alberta," says Rick Sereda, director of Public Services at the City of Leduc." Public Services doesn’t just push snow to the side of roadways like other municipalities, we actually remove the snow and haul it away after it is bladed into windrows."

Crews have been working seven days a week since the first major snow event, and the snow removal cycle is in the final phase with the residential locals. Crews will switch to a five-day work week to avoid weekend vehicle congestion.

The following is the anticipated snow removal schedule for this week, barring any unforeseen circumstances:

 Dec. 9: Willow Park & Linsford Park

 Dec. 10: Corinthia Park

 Dec. 11: South Park

 Dec. 11 and 12: Robinson

 Dec. 12: Telford, Deer Valley and West Haven

Public Services helps disabled or elderly residents who are physically unable to clear snow pushed onto driveways and sidewalks by a grader. Please call 780-980-7133 and visit for more information regarding snow removal.

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