Leduc Public Schools Look at Grade Configuration and Boundary Changes

Black Gold presents reconfiguration open house

(March 4, 2014)

On Wednesday Feb 26, 2014 the Black Gold Regional School (BGRS) division held on open house to the public regarding Leduc schools configuration review. �

In the fall of 2016 the new Leduc school, West Haven Public School, will be opening which allows an opportunity for the school division to look at the areas that are currently being affected by the rapid growth in Leduc.

Below are a list of the proposed schools and changes:

Caledonia Park School - currently a K-9 school with over 400 students will change to a K-6 school

Leduc Estates School – currently a K-6 school with just over 300 students will change to a K-3 school

Lindsford Park – currently a K-6 school with almost 200 students will change their boundaries to include North of Deer Valley Ravine

�cole Corinthia Park School – currently a K-6 school with just over 450 students providing�English and French�- will have a boundary change allowing about 140 French Immersion students who reside on the west side of highway 2 to attend West Haven Public School.

The above changes will mean that the new school in West Haven will have students from 4-9 in the English program and students in K-6 for the French Immersion program.

A designated working committee was responsible to go through all of the data and come up with suggestions for the reconfiguration.

An advisory committee, which was made up of all the principals within the city of Leduc, school council and a City of Leduc representative, was then given the information for review.

At the open house parents were given an opportunity to verbalize the concerns and comments or submit it to the school division in writing until March 14, 2014. In late spring the comments will be reviewed for consideration and a new recommendation will be made based on the feedback received.

Once all proposed boundary changes and grade configurations are finalized they will take effect when the West Haven Public school opens in September 2016.

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