BGRS will Undergo Two Transportation Audits

Transportation Audits for BGRS Division

(February 26, 2014)

Black Gold Regional School Division will have two separate transportation audits this year, one by Alberta Transportation and the other by Alberta Education.

The Alberta Transportation audit will mainly focus on compliance with the national safety code. They will require schools to send their logbooks out to them; they will be looking over them to ensure that they are in compliance. This audit involves the schools as well as the school bus contractors.

This is the first time the BGRS has had an audit like this one, they expect to be in compliance however there will be penalties if they are not.

The Alberta Education’s audit is from the transportation department. They will require documentation from the school and the central office, and will ensure that they have all of the documentation for the funding for the students that they transport.

Both audits were scheduled for the same week however arrangements have since been made to spread the dates out to make them easier on the schools and the administration.�

This is a routine audit; BGRS has not been audited by Alberta Education’s transportation department about 7 or 8 years.

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